hit by lightning


15 years ago Amy Pine wrote the song 'Hit By Lightning' in response to her work as a renowned psychotherapist with survivors of childhood sexual abuse.  She felt compelled to write a song that was both healing and that would dispel the need to hold onto shame.

Amy approached Tamora Pellikka, who was a voice major at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music at the time, to sing the song at the Survivor's Healing Center's annual Art of Healing.  There was an overwhelming response to the song and they were flooded with requests for a recording. So they made a simple recording of the song with recording engineer Andy Zenczak at Gadgetbox Studios.

Tamora and Amy continued to perform the song at many community events including the Art of Healing and the Walk to Stop the Silence. The producer of the One Billion Rising rally in Santa Cruz heard the old recording and asked Tamora to come and sing it acappella at the rally.  As usual, the song received a powerful response.

We believe in the power of music to heal, to inspire and to empower. When we first recorded this song childhood sexual abuse was still a taboo topic.  Even though there are now numerous reports in the media of sexual atrocities committed against children, trafficking and sexual crimes being used as weapons of war... the unfortunate thing is that it continues to be such a prevalent global issue.

Please visit www.hblproject.com for more info and to purchase a copy of the song.